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Boat Rentals & Charters in Miami

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BOHEMIQ (Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters in Miami). An unforgettable boat charters along the coastline with magnificent city silhouettes is a real pleasure for adventure lovers and all yachtsmen. Florida Keys with stunning coral reefs, picturesque islands with its own charm and rich history. Bohemiq is provide the best boat rental offers, you can rent a boat or yacht in Miami for best prices in Florida. We offer more than 100 top class and fully equipped mega yachts, luxury motor yachts, motorboats, sailing yachts and catamarans.

You can turn your boat into cash right here. We buy used boats by cash within 24 hours of your boat coming into one of our yards.
More about boat & yacht rentals
Boat rentals in Miami are in high demand all year round. This is due to the mild climate of Florida and especially the beautiful coastline. If you would like to enjoy Miami, its infrastructure and entertainment without traffic jams, boat rental is an excellent option. But how to choose a right boat rentals company?
It's a lot of places offering yacht rentals in Miami, but very important to find right place. Inexperienced people get a lot of offers, most of which are very overpriced. Cases of fraud are rare, but they also happen. Try to read reviews carefully before booking your charter and do not book a boat without an agreement.

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Our site will help you avoid many problems associated with choosing and booking a boat or yacht.
Here you can find the best prices and a wide range of yachts, you can also check many reviews from our valued passengers. We will be glad to get review from you after your charter.
Private yacht charter will open up new benefits and a lot of entertainment for you. It is too expensive to maintain a boat on your own, it is much easier to rent it for the period of your vacation, birthday or other important event.

Many people trying to ask how to rent a boat near me. This is the most common request. Just use our service to get the best deal on the market and a large selection of the boats. Using our service you can significantly save your money.
Miami luxury yacht rentals is also available on our website. Our company can offer you boats in different price ranges. It could be a planned vacation, ocean fishing or a romantic evening on the deck. It all depends on your own preferences.

The long coastline of Miami is full of attractions and places of relaxation, there are beautiful wild beaches and islands where landing is permitted. Many reserves and other interesting places are accessible only from the water. Miami boat charter is necessary to complete your vacation without restrictions. There are also many entertainments on the shore, but nothing compares to relaxing on the water.

For Miami area passenger boat transport is one of the ways to avoid long waiting in line with tourists. You can safely enjoy the view of the night coast, while anchoring.

Miami yacht charter is suitable for a large family or a company, you can relax together in unforgettable romantic atmosphere or have a boat party. You can find out all the details of the best offers on our website right now. Don't try to rent anything right on the pier, because it is very difficult to quickly figure out all details and find professional captain. It is much safer to do this through our website. You can find the best deals right next to you on the map. If you used the services, do not forget to leave your own opinion. It may be useful to other users.